Youth Reading Crisis

Why are the youth reading less than ever? The easy culprits are video games, phones, and social media. But, a deeper analysis reveals a lack of Care (with a capital C lol), capitalism, and crappy parents are really to blame.

We all get 168 hours in the week. A single mother who works 70 hours a week w/ commute time (extreme example) and sleeps for 7 hours a night still has 48 hours a week left. A couple who each works 40 hours per week and sleeps for seven have a combined 150 HOURS a week. Where does all that time go? Even four hours a week of helping children with reading can create a world of great readers. On average a book takes 3-9 hours to read. If a child read 5 hours a week from 6th grade to when they graduated college they would have read around 600 books. Most people will never read 100 books in their life.

In this video Ian Cattanach dives into the casual factors and solutions to the youth reading crisis.