The Drama of the Gifted Child Book Review by Alice Miller

A full chapter by chapter breakdown and book review of The Drama of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller. Children need to be accepted by their own parents more than anything else. However, parents refuse to let their children express their emotions and sensations from the first days of their life! Miller argues that the worlds problems aren't political, economical, or genetic, but from unaccepted children repression lashing out in adulthood.

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This is a touchy subject and I can already hear the excuses from parents! "Well, I did the best job I can" "You would never understand raising children because you haven't had any." Yeah, yeah, yeah... I would never make the choice 100% in my control to have a child unless I

Intro Discussion: 0:00 - 16:05

Chapter 1: 16:06 - 34:31

Chapter 2: 34:32 - 51:22

Chapter 3: 51:23 - 144:14