Mind – Becoming Animal – Spiritual Ecology Course

Philosophy day everyone! Diving into the debate between Descartes, German Idealism, and Spiritual Ecology, Ian Cattanach in this lesson attempts to mend the wound between the camps.

We first hear from Robert Bly about Descartes three dreams he had the night before his major revelation.
Next Descartes and Spinoza's general philosophy is explained. Ian shows why Descartes remains problematic for Spiritual Ecology.
Jacob Bohme, Hegel, and Schelling's ideal is discussed as the philosophical camp that bridges the gap between Descartes and Spiritual Ecology.

Other Topics:
Dark fire, God's unconscious, and their connection with nature.
Otto Rank's theory of the artist and Spiritual Ecology
Plato and Aristotle's influences on the words Idea and Species