Master the Full Lotus Course Intro (Padmasana)

Obtain deeper mystical states with the full lotus course! Without a comfortable full lotus it becomes much harder to achieve mystical states through meditation. Breath retentions, inhaling/exhaling, posture, chakra meditation, and the ability to focus are all intensified while sitting in the lotus posture. Authorities such as Krishnamacharya, Goraksha Natha, Ghernada, and most ancient yoga texts recommend only lotus for pranayama and meditation practice.

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Your lotus develops not by staying stuck in archaic movement practices, but by tapping into the best movement patterns available. Every minute you spend in the course will push you one step closer to achieving a comfortable full lotus through yoga classes, mobility, and other movement practices.

This is an ego-free course. There will be no pulling into lotus, over-stretching, or any form of tension. Knee injuries are possible for even experienced practitioners in full lotus. We will build our lotus posture minute by minute in a safe, relaxed, and comfortable manner.