Creative Muse Podcast 1: Writer Success System

The Creative Muse Podcast motivates lukewarm authors to jump start their craft, and find an aligned audience who raves over their work. In episode one Ian Cattanach introduces the podcast and lays out the "Writers Success System" and the six different cornerstones of this podcast.

Smash your writers block with publishing heart-centered works, manifest a life as a full-time writer, and learn to tap into a flow that will produce legendary works. Struggling writers of all levels refuse to believe in their own power.

Burn out doesn't EXIST when there is an unlimited fountain of creative energy to tap into. Learn the stress-free mindset and secrets that open the visionary portal, and silence the critics with a firestorm of conscious writing.

This show has nothing to do with productivity - No amount of books, hacks, and apps will help unless you're functioning at 100%

Podcast Goal: Creating a playful, trusting, and consistent relationship with our writing