Discourse of the Birds – Becoming Animal – Spiritual Ecology Course

An analysis, breakdown, and review of David Abram’s chapter “The Discourse of The Birds” in “Becoming Animal.” Sign up here! Thelitunderground/courses/spiritual-ecology This week we cover: How animals think with their whole body Disturb sentience’s relationship to Wilhelm Reich and Yoga The Body Language of a Forest The Five Ways Birds Discourse with Each Other Jungian … Read more

Mood – Becoming Animal – Spiritual Ecology Course

Today we are covering chapter seven in David Abram’s book “Becoming Animal” for the Spiritual Ecology Course. Topics Discussed: How each eco-system maintains its own intelligence. How can we tap into that? Why you need to walk or ride a bike more! Why driving is better than flying. How staying in one place instead of … Read more

Mind – Becoming Animal – Spiritual Ecology Course

Philosophy day everyone! Diving into the debate between Descartes, German Idealism, and Spiritual Ecology, Ian Cattanach in this lesson attempts to mend the wound between the camps. We first hear from Robert Bly about Descartes three dreams he had the night before his major revelation.Next Descartes and Spinoza’s general philosophy is explained. Ian shows why … Read more

House – Becoming Animal by David Abram – Spiritual Ecology Course

What’s up to all the Spiritual Ecology Course students! We continue today with building our phenomenological awareness in everyday life by studying our own house! Today we are covering chapter two (House) in David Abram’s “Becoming Animal.” If you want to sign up for the Spiritual Ecology Course click here! Peace!