The Drama of the Gifted Child Book Review by Alice Miller

A full chapter by chapter breakdown and book review of The Drama of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller. Children need to be accepted by their own parents more than anything else. However, parents refuse to let their children express their emotions and sensations from the first days of their life! Miller argues that the … Read more

A Course on Robert Bly Intro

Sign Up Here! Introduction to the Robert Bly Course. A free course that will transform your relationship to with poetry, criticism, nature and self-development. Explore over 30+ of Robert Bly’s book from multiple perspectives. Flowing through critical, artistic, and relaxed frames in Bly’s works creates an integrated understanding & ecstatic experience with the text. Each … Read more

A Little Book on the Human Shadow Book Review by Robert Bly

A full book breakdown, review, and analysis of all five parts of Robert Bly’s “A Little Book on the Human Shadow.” There are clips of Robert Bly reading poetry including in this book throughout the video. This breakdown is apart of the Robert Bly course. The course is free, covers all of Robert Bly’s books, … Read more

Robert Bly’s Death

Robert Bly died yesterday on 11/22/21. In my opinion Robert Bly is the most well rounded writer of all time. He wrote beautiful poetry, published and translated thousands of great poets, foresaw the decline of the writing world through diversity quotas and MFA programs, kicked off the men’s movement in a positive way, and is … Read more

The Artist’s Way Ultimate Review and Guide – Julia Cameron

Complete guide to every week of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Every section, topic, and exercise will be covered over the course of twelve videos. Subscribe to the channel if you want to see more deep dives into conscious literature. There are also individual videos for each week of the Artist’s Way posted on … Read more

Becoming Animal Book Review – David Abram

A full length book review of Becoming Animal by David Abram. In this book review, Ian Cattanach breaks down “Becoming Animal” chapter by chapter, offers analysis of the main points, simplifies some of the advanced philosophical questions of Spiritual Ecology, and gives action steps to help create a natural phenomenological consciousness that is connected to … Read more