The Artist’s Way Ultimate Review and Guide – Julia Cameron

Complete guide to every week of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Every section, topic, and exercise will be covered over the course of twelve videos. Subscribe to the channel if you want to see more deep dives into conscious literature. There are also individual videos for each week of the Artist’s Way posted on … Read more

2022 Goals!

Here are my ten 2022 goals! In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in it’s own perfect time, for the highest good of all. I am publishing 1,000 unique videos for free  I am receiving 1,000,000 views on YouTube I am helping 1,000 paying members per month grow into better … Read more

Becoming Animal Book Review – David Abram

A full length book review of Becoming Animal by David Abram. In this book review, Ian Cattanach breaks down “Becoming Animal” chapter by chapter, offers analysis of the main points, simplifies some of the advanced philosophical questions of Spiritual Ecology, and gives action steps to help create a natural phenomenological consciousness that is connected to … Read more

Discourse of the Birds – Becoming Animal – Spiritual Ecology Course

An analysis, breakdown, and review of David Abram’s chapter “The Discourse of The Birds” in “Becoming Animal.” Sign up here! Thelitunderground/courses/spiritual-ecology This week we cover: How animals think with their whole body Disturb sentience’s relationship to Wilhelm Reich and Yoga The Body Language of a Forest The Five Ways Birds Discourse with Each Other Jungian … Read more

Never Pay Anyone To Read Your Work

A growing trend in the publishing house and journal world is charging authors submission fees. First of all, this is a manipulative and shady tactic that targets writer’s well known insecurities. Listen to the solutions of how to end this practice and make money as a short story author or poet in this video!

Youth Reading Crisis

Why are the youth reading less than ever? The easy culprits are video games, phones, and social media. But, a deeper analysis reveals a lack of Care (with a capital C lol), capitalism, and crappy parents are really to blame. We all get 168 hours in the week. A single mother who works 70 hours … Read more